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 Info on Games

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PostSubject: Info on Games   Info on Games Icon_minitimeTue Dec 15, 2009 11:34 am

Games will most likely be during weekends, but possibly on Wednesdays, either as well or instead. Notice for each game will be posted both in the forums and privately mailed (through the forum, probably) to the appropriate team captains. There will be notice of at least three days before each game, so that captains can organise their teams &c.

We have no date set for our have-a-go day, but it will be close-ish to the start of Term One, to make it more likely that people will be in Christchurch and because by then we will probably be more organised than we currently are Smile If you can't come to the day for whatever reason, don't worry, it's just to let us get an idea of how well the game works and to let us get to know our players. It'll be really cool to meet you all, so we'll try to make it as convenient a day as possible - we'll be organising it later, though, so if you have any input, wait until we start up that topic Smile
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Info on Games
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